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Smart robots are in demand


An innovative investment platform is launching a $100 million initiative to hasten the arrival of smart robots that can function seamlessly in the real world.

Rewired is run by an experienced team of technologists and investors. With its new $100 million ‘robotics-focused venture studio and fund’ it aims to finance innovations that advance machine perception. Developing systems, software, and sensors that can allow robots to function in difficult environments and work more closely with humans is the priority.

“Our strategy is to invest for the long term in core technologies that lay the foundation for smart robotics. Real-world environments are highly unpredictable, unlike controlled ones like warehouses and factories. The next generation of smart robots must be able to gather diverse data about their surroundings and holistically interpret it in order to model the world and productively interact with it. The robotics-focused studio we’re building is a global hub for interdisciplinary innovation that will generate new forms of human-machine collaboration across an increasingly broad spectrum of activities,” said Venture Partner Santiago Tenorio.

Currently based in Lausanne and London, Rewired plans to expand to America and Asia in the near future.

And Rewired isn’t the only one working to give robots the human touch. Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have used sensors to improve how tactile they can be. While a team at University of Minnesota have created 3D bionic skin which could give robots the sense of touch.

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