The Hawaiian island of Maui is spearheading the state’s largest biofuel crop project.

Pacific Biodiesel is growing biofuel crops – including sunflowers – across a 115-acre farm site running off 100% renewable fuel. Late April saw the first bloom of the sunflower biofuel crop, which will be harvested this month with a combine bought from a farm in North Carolina.

“We look forward to experimenting with harvesting our first sunflowers. With this combine, we’ll be able to harvest a variety of crops that we’re planning to grow in the future, including safflower, canola and maybe even chickpeas in addition to the sunflowers,” said Bob King, President and Founder of Pacific Biodiesel. “We’re designing a sustainable, zero-waste and economically viable system to grow food, animal feed and fuel. Short-term crops that harvest in 100 days or less can be planted, harvested, crushed, and converted to biodiesel, all in Hawaii.”

Pacific Biodiesel Vice President Kelly King added: “As eye-catching symbols of sustainability, these beautiful blooms showcase Pacific Biodiesel’s community-based model of agriculture, clean energy and food — and they give us hope for our state’s green economy future.”

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