Innovators magazine focuses on the industries transforming our world.

Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, a part of the world renowned for its pioneering heritage and ongoing contributions to science and technology, we bring you the latest news from the game-changing industries transforming our world.

Our special hard copy sector-specific editions feature the leading companies, organisations and locations powering those industries forward; and are produced for distribution at the world’s premier trade events. Visit our ‘Event Editions‘ page for details.

The Magazine is committed to supporting – as well as showcasing – the growth of the innovation economy. In 2016 we launched the Innovation Academy, which fuses technology and creativity, in its events, training and consultancy services designed to inspire companies and professionals to innovate more and tap into the myriad of opportunities generated in an environment of perpetual change. And in November 2016, the publications co-founder, Susan Robertson, signed the Knowledge for Innovation (K4i) European Pact for Innovation in the European Parliament, to support collaboration – the lifeblood of innovation – across all industries.